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Hi everybody
Been lurking for a while and decided to jump in and mix it up with the family, here.

A little about me. I'm a collector...that opens EVERYTHING. (unzip the bubble with an exacto around the sides and bottom) To give some perspective on my age- saw the Hot Wheels commercial on TV when they first came out. Managed to save some money and my first purchases are still on my shelf (Deora and Cougar, the Cougar's been stepped on and both are severly rashed). We didn't get to town much and kinda got out of touch with what was going on with HW's. I grew up (physically) and then Ertl came out with a 1/64 IH historical set and I've been doing that ever since. Then there was that year that HW came out with something like 40 FE's, so I've been loading up boxes with that stuff ever since. Pulled a lot of JL's off the peg to inspect but invariably put them back. Liked the subjects, but couldn't stand the cheesy execution. Mostly wheel and tire combo not to my taste and stance seemed to be an afterthought on design. I did jump on the Funny Car and Stock Car Legends. Did a little surgery on the blue superbird to correct the "jacked up in the front" attitude. Looks much better with correct rake. Also got the old Grand Sport Vette- nicely done by JL. Ertl's 1/64 American Muscle got my attention. I thought these things were little jewels. Opening hoods and trunks, turn signal stems on the steering column, nice wheels and tires (although the mustang and camaro tires are a little skinny) chrome that looks like chrome. Wish they had stayed with these. You can probably guess that I like my miniatures realistic. The $10.00 HW's were an occaisional source of satisfaction.
All along the JL's kept getting put back on the pegs.......until recently. I gotta tell you, I like where they are going with things. Paint is good, badges are crisp, accent details are sharply rendered, AND they are finally doing something with wheels and tires that do the subjects some justice. Ive been picking up quite a few and I love these things. If they could just get the wheels guaged out a little closer to fenders, I'd be ecstatic. I've notice just in the last couple weeks that WM is putting up more fronts for JL and stock seems to be moving out. Seems I'm not the only one that noticed improvement in the product. I don't mind paying the price when I get what I want.
So anyway, here I am. Will try to post up an ocassional image from photobucket as I aquire things. This is a good forum and I appreciate the people keeping it running.


Oh yea- Wish List. 1988 Merkur Scorpio, Black & 1985 Merkur XR4TI, Red
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