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2 Mail in Dairys arrived, and traded one to famous flyin ace on HWC for a $uper Mustang. He was also kind enough to send a Ranchero as an extra!

Found a Park 'n Plates '57 T-Bird at the flea market for $3.

Scored these two '65 Mustangs on the bay where they were listed as 1983 Mustang convertibles for $4.29 plus 3.95 shipping. The '65 Mustang color racer is a real toughie.

I found my first ever $uper hunt on the pegs a couple of days ago at Fred's. They put out an E case with the Walmart exclusives, and there was a $ '67 Mustang and a '69 Corvette reg in it.

Wally's got the N case redlines.
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