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NEW FEATURE STORY on Lightning Lane

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We have a new Feature Story for you to check out. If you like Pre Production Samples, you'll really enjoy the Feature. Also a Big Thank You to Mac for helping on this Feature Story.

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Interesting piece Rick - thanks for the link!
Very cool article. I love preproduction stuff, and I really hope you do more pieces with different castings. Very interesting read!

Thanks Rick!
Way cool article! Noticed on the truck that the box is held on with screws. Be easy to take off and let the imagination run wild. Rollback, wrecker, dump truck, gas hauler. Cut the box down and shorten it, add a fifth wheel and it becomes a race car hauler. Add another axle and it would make a great tandem. How about a farm truck?
Just some observations.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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