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Racing at Radical Rick's new track
November 14th
120' racing line flat track
Doors open at 8am
Sign-ups by 10am
Racing starts at 11am
Classes : 19 Turn Open
Featherlite Modified
C.A.R. (cheap a## racing)
Junior Leauge
Racing : 3 heats and a main
winner of each main will transfer to the next main
Payout : Cash Payout to the Top 3 in each class
Price : $25 run as many classes as you want
includes 2 slices of pizza and a can of soda
For more info call Radical Rick's at 508- 673-4200

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We apologize, we were unawere of the ROAR regional on the same weekend. There for we have scheduled this event till December 5th.
Also Here is some additial Info on the Classes:
Featherlite Modified:
19T chameloen Motor
Excaliber Spec Chassis
Orange Front Spec Tire
Green Rear Spec Tire
Reversable speedcontrol
Any 27 Turn Stock Motor
38oz Min weight
NO matched pack
19 Turn Open:
All Roar Rules Apply
Sorry For Any Confusion and Thank you Radical Rick's
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