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New DVD in the works.

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Attention All Modelers and or Race fans.

I am in the final stages of choosing footage to use in my new DVD. Yep, I said DVD and not CD. It is a project that I have been trying to accomplish for over ten years. I started it in the early ninties when my friend, the late Reynolds Calvert of Blue Ridge Decals, and I started to kick the idea around. Another friend, Mike Williams, helped me shoot some video of my models and it looked pretty good.

A couple of divorces, one each, and job changes and other life upheavals put it on the back burner until now. Thanks to Gator I now have a DVD burner-editor and his offer of help over the rough spots in learning how to use it. He loaned me his video camera and I shot some footage of the cars that have been added to my collection since the first stuff was done. It turned out pretty nice and I think it's just a matter of editing and titling now.

There will be cars from the mid-sixties to very recent rides with some that have not been seen here because they were gone before I started to take the card pictures. It looks like about a 40 minute or so run time for the main footage but there will be a bonus feature included on how to hand letter that runs another 15 minutes or so. It covers everything from making your own lettering brushes to finding and using reference material.

I'm shooting for a $15 plus shipping price. The price is good for everyone except those who have pre-purchased the picture CD. Your copy will be shipped along with the picture CD at no additional charge as my thank you for believing in me and my project. I'll send out an e-mail reminder when I'm ready to ship so I can make sure I don't miss anyone.

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Let me know where and when to send the $$s. rr
Great news and can't beat the price tag. Same as RR, I need some contact information.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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