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New Dirt Oval in Indiana, Indy

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There is a new dirt oval coming soon. Track has been started on this past Saturday. The Location is at Hoosier Hobbies in Linton Indiana. The size is about 110'x60' and the lanes are 10'-12' wide. The surface is clay and yes it is an INDOOR facility. Nice hobby shop too.
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I have not got a chance to stop by and check it out. Tony thought it would be ready later this week. I guess this weekend the oval is running nitro and electric off road. I will try to get inthere and check it out between softball practices:thumbsup:


Well I have to say that the track is very very fast. It was very smooth compared to last week and traction was absolutely great. The Slider class in my opinion will be the best when considering bang for your buck. The Mini late models were cool as well but I still like the 1/10 and larger scales better. I think next week when the nitro's show up they will put on a pretty good show too. The next electric race will be October 4th I hope to see alot mor of the usual suspects at this race because you missing out if you dont run this big clay oval. Jarman is planning on gettin in some 1/8th late model bodies to fit the Slashes so that should be exciting to see and compete with. Just like most other places the Slider rules are the same.
September 27th

Racing Sunday September 27th.

Doors open at 10:00

Racing begins around 1:00

Off-road and oval

Doesn't matter if it's electric or gas weekend Jarman will run what ever shows up as long as two of them race.
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