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New Dirt Oval in Indiana, Indy

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There is a new dirt oval coming soon. Track has been started on this past Saturday. The Location is at Hoosier Hobbies in Linton Indiana. The size is about 110'x60' and the lanes are 10'-12' wide. The surface is clay and yes it is an INDOOR facility. Nice hobby shop too.
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Come on guys I want to hear from you. Who wants to run dirt oval indoors this winter and out of the Sun when its hot. Inside the track can be controlled somewhat and isn't going to completely change as soon as clouds pass over. So who wants to run? :devil:
I'll come out there and run if you have a Sunday program...and a open Sprint class would be nice.
Jeremiah, I will come run there some. I'm still a "rug rat" at heart so will be putting most of my efforts to the carpet. Hoosier Hobbies has so much potential. The facility could host some big races with the track of that size and the pit areas available. I realize you have to schedule races when the bulk of your crowd can be there, just hope it fits in with the other tracks around for optimum racer participation. Once it gets done I think some photos or video would be great so others could see what it offers. Tell Jarman to get his camera out and he needs to stay on the view finder side so as to not scare off potential racers!
The racing will most likely be starting on Sundays but I hope that once/if it really takes off that we can move the races to a better day like Saturday and make the other tracks move to suit Hoosier Hobbies. I don't nor do I think that Jarman wants to run other people out of business but lets face it Saturday is the prime day for racing and once people see how good and large this facility is things will change. Jarman has the largest indoor clay track in Indiana period, he just is limited to devoting time into it because of family and other business that puts the food on the table and I have offered to come down there when ever I can to get this ball rolling and I live 60 miles away. I spoke with him this morning and he informed me that the track is slowly getting packed when ever someone can but it is being watered daily and I will be there this Saturday to work it some more and hopefully I can put a car downon it Saturday night. I intend on finishing it this weekend if the clay cooperates with me. The oval is my first concern and after I get it done I will start on the off-raod. I'm going that route because anything can run on an oval so we can get an income flowing then frome ther we can start improvements. Jarman has talked about putting in pellet/corn burners for heat because the huge facility that it is cost a fortune to heat last winter. I would like all of you to come and see for yourselves and believe me Jarman and the guys at Hoosier Hobbies appreciate your support. If they don't have it they can get it within 2-3 days. www.hoosierhobbiesraceway.com
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I just stopped by and looked at the track. It is coming in good. The watering and packing is making it take shape. I wish I could come help Saturday Throttle but I have to go to Rose HUlman for a football team parents club meeting. I hope to be able to put slider on it one night next week;). Let me know if I can help in any way. I put a post on dirtoval.com as well. Nitro guys need to be getting ready too.

Thanks for the kind words but I just talked to Brady and he let me know of some of the low spots starting on the corners and in front of the stand. We will have to retill those areas and add more clay. I want the surface to be as smooth as possible with the equiptment that we have available. I probably will bring down my grader to help get a smoother finish on it Saturday, I can't use Jarmans grader as well and I make more dips than before with it. It will get there. Hey I do expect to be able to put a car on it Saturday night so you might stop by around 21:00 to see how it goes or if it goes.
I'm sure you guys will get it smoothed out. I wish I could get out there to help. If I get in town early enough Saturday night I will stop by.
Cool. I am looking forward to at least running a lap on it just to see where the gearing is going to be.
Any update on the track today? I got back in town at 9 tonite but the gates were locked. Will it be available to tturn some practice laps on this week?:confused:
It was too bumpy still after I worked it for 9 hrs. The offroad is up but not completly packed but I ran it and it will be fun and the smaller 1/18 cars can do it. Bu the oval needs more work. The clay is just so hard to work with. You think you have it and then the next day it settled in some spots maor than others and some places pack well and others just dont. We might have to till it again and start over to get a better handle on it
Let me know when you are going to do it and hopefully I can get free to come help.
What classes for dirt oval?

I know we have talked about the slider class but what other classes do most dirt ovals in Indiana run? I know the Losi mini late model is popular at a lot of tracks. I hope to see 1/10th late models and maybe edm's. what motor/battery combos are you guys running? It would be good to match up with other tracks so we could maybe put together a series later on.

When do you guys plan on starting racing ?
What nights ?
And what part timer asked
When do you guys plan on starting racing ?
What nights ?
And what part timer asked

Last week when I stopped by I think they were having trouble getting it to flatten out. They were going to work on it again to try to improve it. Last I heard they were talking of Sunday afternoons and possibly moving to a different day later on.
I found some info on the website.
Looks like every other Sunday
hopefully it fits my work because I work every other weekend...
Good luck guys will try to make the 1st electric oval
if you guys could let us know what classes and rules
Oval racing start the 13th!!!!!!:thumbsup: Be sure to check out their website at www.hoosierhobbiesraceway.com

I am sure they will have some class info up soon. Let us know what classes you guys want to run.

Sliders class
truck if any
mod sprint
these classes would be most of guys coming down from
what rules for them if you know
I'll come down and run Open/mod sprint,maybe slider,and some slash if it's a box stock class.

I prefer Sunday racing because of other commitments.
!/4 scaler just bought a slash for the winter, and loves dirt oval. LOL gonna try it at Marion co, always wanted to try off road. LOL
Is the track completed? Would like to turn some practice on it but wasn't sure if it was completed yet or not.
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