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New Dirt Oval in Indiana, Indy

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There is a new dirt oval coming soon. Track has been started on this past Saturday. The Location is at Hoosier Hobbies in Linton Indiana. The size is about 110'x60' and the lanes are 10'-12' wide. The surface is clay and yes it is an INDOOR facility. Nice hobby shop too.
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Glad to see this being done. This is a great facility and this track will be HUGE. I am glad to see that the off road section is more "user friendly". I enjoyed watching people race on the old off road but that triple was enough for me to say no thank you.
I plan on it Part Timer. I've got a Slash that's just collecting dust..........
Awesome!:thumbsup: Its gonna be like the old days.
We need to work on getting Thorlton out of retirement. Maybe they can put in a "Super Seniors Class"....................:thumbsup:
Jeremiah, I will come run there some. I'm still a "rug rat" at heart so will be putting most of my efforts to the carpet. Hoosier Hobbies has so much potential. The facility could host some big races with the track of that size and the pit areas available. I realize you have to schedule races when the bulk of your crowd can be there, just hope it fits in with the other tracks around for optimum racer participation. Once it gets done I think some photos or video would be great so others could see what it offers. Tell Jarman to get his camera out and he needs to stay on the view finder side so as to not scare off potential racers!
Is the track completed? Would like to turn some practice on it but wasn't sure if it was completed yet or not.
1 - 5 of 43 Posts
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