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New Dirt Oval in Indiana, Indy

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There is a new dirt oval coming soon. Track has been started on this past Saturday. The Location is at Hoosier Hobbies in Linton Indiana. The size is about 110'x60' and the lanes are 10'-12' wide. The surface is clay and yes it is an INDOOR facility. Nice hobby shop too.
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I really under estimated the job. I thought I could get the off-road tore down and the new oval up and packed in one day but I was wrong. I only got the track down and graded and just rolled flat and of coarse laid down the jumps for the off-road but they still need formed and packed too. I have tried to make them friendly for everyone and not huge triples that break your car. I feel that the old layout scared alot of the average racers away because of the perfect timing you needed to make them. The new design is much easier and forgiving but still fun and challenging. I didn't get the 3* banking tht I wanted but I got close in the corners. The guys are slowly working on it and watering it and smoothing it daily when they have time but the clay takes alot of time to work with but it will be great when it is done. The clay was completly dry so we could work it now we need to slowly get it moist so we can form it and it not stick to our packers and rollers. I will try to get back down there this weekend and get more of it done but I have hopes of getting it running the week after Labor Day. If anyone needs a ride I can help out since I live in Martinsville I can drive from there. I have also proposed a stock Slash class where the truck has to be completly stock and the battery will either be the Orion 2400 or the next bigger Orion. I have ran the Slash with the 2400 and it will do a 5 min race. The Slider class is simple the car is only to have Losi parts designed for the Slider, 13.5 or kit motor if you run the kit electronics and motor both an Orion 3400 is allowed. Top Wing is required Lower wing optional. Orange stock foams and tires only. Basically the same rules as Losi suggests with some additions.
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I think we will start on Sundays or maybe Mid Saturdays not for sure but probably one of those two until we can get a crow built up then move to favorably a Saturday afternoon or evening schedule. Jarman also added that if he gets enough interest in it he might get the cages out of ther or moved to start running carpet again oval and road course.
Brad the 3400 was just for the cars that used the Kits complete electronics package and the Kit motor. 2400 still for everyone else. I thought about the guys that may find buying the car and switching over to brushless a little salty and decided that a little hotter Lipo would still keep them in the playing field until they decided to go brushless 13.5. I just want everyone to be competitive and have fun at a low cost. I really believe that the cost has ran many out of our hobby. I love brushless but I know of some that just could not see refitting cars that were top notch when we all ran brushed and they quit the hobby. I also love the Lipos but again some had the best Nimh batts and did well but couldnt see spending for new chargers and new batteries for the lipos and they left the hobby. Chargers have come down that can charge Lipos and Orion has some really good Lipos at an affordable price and I applaud them. I feel that you should be able to go racing,have fun and be competitive for less than $400 and this Slider class and my proposed Slash 2400 class will easily do that and that is including the car/truck, battery and charger.
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Dirt oval

It's looking like a chance for rain Saturday. I guess I might be down there again Saturday working on the oval.
Slot cars? We have radio control now. Evolution, Evolution my friends.:beatdeadhorse:
Come on guys I want to hear from you. Who wants to run dirt oval indoors this winter and out of the Sun when its hot. Inside the track can be controlled somewhat and isn't going to completely change as soon as clouds pass over. So who wants to run? :devil:
The racing will most likely be starting on Sundays but I hope that once/if it really takes off that we can move the races to a better day like Saturday and make the other tracks move to suit Hoosier Hobbies. I don't nor do I think that Jarman wants to run other people out of business but lets face it Saturday is the prime day for racing and once people see how good and large this facility is things will change. Jarman has the largest indoor clay track in Indiana period, he just is limited to devoting time into it because of family and other business that puts the food on the table and I have offered to come down there when ever I can to get this ball rolling and I live 60 miles away. I spoke with him this morning and he informed me that the track is slowly getting packed when ever someone can but it is being watered daily and I will be there this Saturday to work it some more and hopefully I can put a car downon it Saturday night. I intend on finishing it this weekend if the clay cooperates with me. The oval is my first concern and after I get it done I will start on the off-raod. I'm going that route because anything can run on an oval so we can get an income flowing then frome ther we can start improvements. Jarman has talked about putting in pellet/corn burners for heat because the huge facility that it is cost a fortune to heat last winter. I would like all of you to come and see for yourselves and believe me Jarman and the guys at Hoosier Hobbies appreciate your support. If they don't have it they can get it within 2-3 days. www.hoosierhobbiesraceway.com
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Thanks for the kind words but I just talked to Brady and he let me know of some of the low spots starting on the corners and in front of the stand. We will have to retill those areas and add more clay. I want the surface to be as smooth as possible with the equiptment that we have available. I probably will bring down my grader to help get a smoother finish on it Saturday, I can't use Jarmans grader as well and I make more dips than before with it. It will get there. Hey I do expect to be able to put a car on it Saturday night so you might stop by around 21:00 to see how it goes or if it goes.
Cool. I am looking forward to at least running a lap on it just to see where the gearing is going to be.
It was too bumpy still after I worked it for 9 hrs. The offroad is up but not completly packed but I ran it and it will be fun and the smaller 1/18 cars can do it. Bu the oval needs more work. The clay is just so hard to work with. You think you have it and then the next day it settled in some spots maor than others and some places pack well and others just dont. We might have to till it again and start over to get a better handle on it

Well I have to say that the track is very very fast. It was very smooth compared to last week and traction was absolutely great. The Slider class in my opinion will be the best when considering bang for your buck. The Mini late models were cool as well but I still like the 1/10 and larger scales better. I think next week when the nitro's show up they will put on a pretty good show too. The next electric race will be October 4th I hope to see alot mor of the usual suspects at this race because you missing out if you dont run this big clay oval. Jarman is planning on gettin in some 1/8th late model bodies to fit the Slashes so that should be exciting to see and compete with. Just like most other places the Slider rules are the same.
September 27th

Racing Sunday September 27th.

Doors open at 10:00

Racing begins around 1:00

Off-road and oval

Doesn't matter if it's electric or gas weekend Jarman will run what ever shows up as long as two of them race.
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