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NEW carpet oval racing Watertown CT

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Pin Shop Hobbies has opened our new carpet oval in Oakville (Watertown) CT we run Sundays during outdoor season and Saturday nights in the off season


1/10 pan- 17.5 2s blinky/no timing
1/12 pan nastruck- 17.5 1s open
spec legends

we are hopeing to start runing SK soon and we will run any class as long as there are enough cars
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as long as the shop is open you can run the track for free
we have the 2s class to make it cheaper for the guys that run 17.5 sc to run pan in the winter sk is going to be same rules as madness and we will run what ever classes we have enough guys for

1/12 nastruck is 17.5 open 1s but my go to 13.5

i will try to post pics tonight and get some drive line numbers

thank you for your intrest we hope to be racing this Sunday starting a 1pm doors open at 10am

we are having a ST. bladricks event on the 20th and are looking for guys to run laps to show off the sport so if you can please come down and help with this great event!!!!!
whos coming down to race some oval sunday!!!!!
its like a martinsville super fun and good racing
we are having our st baldricks event this sunday and are looking for some racers to turn laps so people can see what the hobbie is all about so come on down and help support this great event!!!!
opening day will be Saturday Nov. 24


1/10 pan car 17.5 blinky 2s
1/12 nas truck 17.5 1s open
SK 17.5 1s blinky
legends shop spec.
1/16 ralley

web site pinshophobbies.com

28 main street oakville ct 06779

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Would be great to have you our nastruck is a 1/12 pancar 17.5 1s
I found videos of your track,looks wild and fun,our track is flat and wider.
if the video is of a banked track then thats the old track the new track is flat and longer i will try to post video
yeah that was the old hobby shop the new track is flat and double the size nice wide lanes
Oval racing this saturday night doors open at 10am racing starts at 6pm!!!!
I will try to get some friday we will be open early friday for shopping and practice
Merry Christmas From the Pin Shop Hobbies crew and hope to see everyone saturday night for some more nascar action!!!!!
here is a video of the SK class A Main
Its a very smooth high bit track come up saturday and check out the fun!!!
hey Dale shop opens at 10 am racing starts at 6pm. we run 3 rounds of quailifiers and mains with 1 bump from the B to the A. most nights we are done by 10:30-11:00

SK 17.5 blinky open tire

1/12 nas-truck 17.5 open

1/10 pan car 2s blinky

legends spec

thank you for checking us out
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dale right now you can but we are changing over to odorless i run stx and like it but you can use paragon
Great sounds good see you then!!
Shop and track are open come down and turn some laps on the new track!!!! happy new year everyone!!
Here is the current track records!!!!!

1/10 Pan car - Jay Kennedy 118/5:05

1/12 Nas-Truck - Joe Berlenbach 106/5:03

Spec Legends - Scott Puma 91/5:01

SK - Jay Kennedy 107/5:02

Congrats to the current track record holders!!!!!!
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