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Hey everyone-

The guys that make the carbon fiber chassis for the Revo and all of the CF pipes are coming out with a monster truck. They are trying to have it out for the Christmas rush and are looking for any and all feedback they can get.

It comes with a 540 size 4000Kv Brushless motor
No battery included, but fits 7.2 - 8.4 NiMh or 2S 7.4v Lipo. You can also put a 3S 11.1v lipo in and change the motor to a 3000Kv for more top speed.
Differentials are sealed and tunable with silicone fluid
Uses Jato/HPI MT2 tires with 17mm hexes

The target street price will be around $350.

Well, what do you think? How does it look? What's wrong with it / what's right with it?



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Some more info...

The official release of the truck will be November 1st and parts support is in place. Each hobby shop that orders truck will have replacement parts, and they will be available on the Vantage Racing website.

The driveline is all metal and does include a slipper clutch.

They vertical wire that connects the front arms is their innovative design to reinforce the arms and is cheap, but effective. A sway bar will be optional.

The radio box is covered, but not sealed. The ESC needs good ventilation so there was no need to seal the radio box.


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Here's a bit more information about the motor and speed controller and some final pictures.

Brushless Electronics Speed Controller
Operating Motor - Brushless
Input Voltage - Nicd & NiMH: 6 cells Lipo: 2 cells
Sensored System - yes
Sensored Frequency - 2KHz
Brushless Frequency - Automatic
Fwd / Brk / Reverse - yes
BEC (Volts/amps) - 5.8V / 3.0A
On-Resistance (Brushless)@ - 0.00095Ω / phase
Rated Current (Brushless)@ - 194A / phase
Motor Limit (Brushless) - Over 8.5 turns
Programming system - yes (option setup board)
Overtemp. Protection - yes
Low voltage cut-off Protection - yes
Dimensions(w/o fan) - 45.4(L)× 34.4(W)× 22.5(H)mm
Weight (with wires & fan ) - 85g
@ 25°C Trans.Temp

Brushless Motor
Type - 540
Watt - 225W
KV(rpm/Volt) - 4200
Turns - 8.5
Input Volt - 4 ~ 7.4V
DCR - 12.4±15%mΩ
[email protected] - 16μH

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