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New Approved Products:

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This thread was started to inform you of the newest products approved by ARCOR. These products will be added to the ARCOR site, I am sorry for the delay in posting this.

Effective July 31st, 2004:

Stock Motor:

Epic Motorsports: Stock number EP1111/EP1112

Manufacturer: EPIC Motorsports/Trinity Products

This motor has met all the specifications for Stock Motors as stated in the 2004 ARCOR rule book. This motor is a Trinity Monster Stock based motor, with the only difference of two less armature laminations.

Armature: Mark: white tag EPIC27
Can: Copper Pearlesent color, marked EPCI 27/Japan
Brushes: Laydown
Endbell: Black plastic, with copper brush hoods, circuit borad.
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Thanks JB for the update.

One of the questions I have heard alot locally since the EPIC Roar stock is based on the Monster is, can we buy Epic roar stock arms and just put them in Monster cans since they are the same can???

Typically this would be a hybrid but since its the same can is that really a hybrid.

What's to prevent a guy from polishing the can to chrome or cleaning their cans (with the cleaner I use the paint tends to chip off anyway) then you would never know the difference in cans.
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