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New additions...3 WLs

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Was out and about today (Saturday) and picked up three (3) White Lightnings. Picked up a 2.0 rel. 10 Illinois Patrol funny car (white engine and roll cage) as well as a Lightning Rods r1 69 Camaro and Mustang (white body and tires).

Side notes: Was also able to snag an M2 Chase and Super Maverick on Friday. Anyone else notice the John Deere '50 Oldsmobile 88 says "1969 Oldsmobile 88" on the side of the package, while the removable card is correct? All of them I saw today were like that...does that make the CORRECT package the error? LOL

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Nice grabs, did you find ther lightning rods at a store? That would be nice info to have if so.
Yes I did find them at a store...and one of the gals working said she knew two of them (camaro and mustang) had been hanging there for a couple weeks, if not a month. The Illinois Patrol Funny Car was sitting right on the front of the pegs, too. Was pretty surprised.
Awesome finds.
Any hints on what store those Lightning Rods were found? :p

Congrats on your finds. You must have a magnet for finding those R1 WL Lightning Rods. I remember you finding a few a couple of years ago. :thumbsup:
Nah...the magnet comes in the Lightning Rods package in the first release. :p Yes, I found these same cars a couple years ago on the day my Great Aunt passed away. I found them in Dyersville, IA at the Tomy store.
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