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sorry no pics on these.
first i found a JL cop car today and it was in a box.only discription was 1/64 scale diecast.no mention of casting type.when did JL come out with there 1/64 line in boxes ?in all my year of collecting JL never seen any of these.
second found a nice lot of majorette cars today.have gotten any of them since i was little .the last majorette i bout or my parrent bought me was in the 70s.they were all in the little square packages .i believe theses are all over seas ones because no one here in the states carries them.looking for the year they were made.nothing on the packages except magorette /200/metal. the models i have are
the police car
alfa romero
F1 inday car
mustang with rubber wheels
lomboghinni countach rubber wheels
and these 2 are really neat.they has this on the packageing majorette /start!/motor.they have a little motor inside with a red peg the comes out of the roof.one is a porsche the other some kind pf jeep.
any info would be appericated.:wave:
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