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I bought a 1992 3" Enterprise D. It comes in 4 parts. Unfortunately, it's spent so much time in storage, it's become deformed somewhat. It appears to be made of a rubbery plastic that has some memory to it. For example, the warp engines are bent downward towards the front. I can straighten them, but they will return to that shape right away. The rear secondary hull planar section and pylons suffer from this as well. Even the saucer edges where it's flat on the outer edges of the bottom tend to hang down a bit. Is there any way to soften and ply this kind of plastic into the correct shape? I've read that resin can be softened in hot water, the shape corrected and then set in cold water. Could this approach be used here? CLBrown, I could used your expertise.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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