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Hello fellow Jada collectors :)

This is my first post here.

Here's what I'm into: BTM, Dub City Kustom (new waves), For sale Initial D and all the Import Racer / Option D series all in 1:64 scale.

Over the next few months, I'm hoping to complete my 1:64 import racer / Option D collection, Initial D and my Dub City Kustom wave 1 and 2 series.

I had made the mistake of opening many of the Import Racer / Option blister packs... So I'll try to get those agein and sell off the mint cars I have (is there a market for that?)

Now for my question... I recently bought a bunch of jada cars from a fellow on ebay and he throwed in a Oldskool car. I'm not a fan of the series but once I get my hands on something, I have to collect them all... it's a real compulsion that I have.

I haven't been able to identify the car on Jada's site, here are the details:

Badged: Dub City Oldskool.
Collector car shows yellow 53 cadillac coupe and it's written "series I" on the top right corner.

On the bottom of the blister it's written 1953 Cadillac Series 62

The car itself is black with a thin DUB going sideways on it.

On the back, the blister is date 2002...

Anybody have any Ideas?

I'll try to find a couple of minutes later on today to post a list of what cars I'm missing to complete my collection of DubCity Kustoms in the proper section.

Hope that wasn't too long!


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TP....welcome to the Jada side. First...as with most diecast toy cars you shouldn't buy them for the sake of resale value. So...the ones you have opened may or may not yield you your sunk cost. Good luck...But IMHO the Jada Toys loose do waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better on E B A Y than current Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightnings loose.

Second...here's the a picture...

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Roy - that's exactly the one. Where does it come from? from what series?

My plans for the cars are simple. I want to create a JADA wall with a few couple of hundred thumbtacks (the keep the kids away - sort of).

I think that would look rather nice.

Like I stated earlier, I'm having a hard time finding specific cars here. Hopefully people have doubles and are willing to sell.

Another thing. I've also heard of people talking about value and/or price guides for Jada toys. Do such things exist? I'm trying to find out why people would charge 19.99$ US + shipping for a car I can get at my local WL for 2$ in the discount bin.

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Thunderp, I do also notice that seller's do that on eBay, don't worry about those most of then ain't anything special. There just trying to hustle collector's.

53 Caddy "All Black" These were just another variation that Jada made. There's also 2 more. The Black and red, and a Walmart Exclusive all white.

To make matter's worst there's 2 different style wheel's for those all black and the common assorted color's. A 5 spoke design and a 6 spoke. I haven't been able to find variation's on the Walmart Exclusive set's yet.

If you really want to know all the car's in this wave send me a Email, I'll shoot the file your way. Email me to [email protected]

Black and Red 53 Caddy

All White 53 Caddy

All Black DUB 53 Caddy just like Roy posted there. Only my picture's are BETTER. LOL! J/K :tongue:

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