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Ditto the other comments (and thanks for the great tip about conserving decal paper!)

Yes, a graphics program can be used to resize, sharpen, clean up, or otherwise manipulate images. I did some decals for my (still unfinished ) PL J2, including details taken from online pics of the real set or mockups. In the case of the central flight console - that trisectioned circular display? There's a nice clear image of it online, but the photograph was taken at an angle. I Photoshop, I stretched and pulled it until it was truly circular again, resized, and sharpened. A perfect reproduction of the light patterns on the console, an actual photo turned into a decal.

I had clear paper instead of white, and discovered the Toy Biz Captain America had no decals for stars. What to do? Easy! The graphics program had a number of pre-programmed shapes including stars. Now, not having white decal paper and not having an ALPS printer (prints white and metallics), I couldn't print up solid white stars. Instead I did the opposite: found the color blue I wanted, and printed up blue squares with clear stars in the center. Painted the kit white where the decals would go, applied the decals, blended the decal blue with the blue paint applied later. Of course, that was just improv 'cuz I didn't want to order a whole sheet of white decal papaer just for three stars a forehead 'A'. It worked, and it's the smoothest decal edges you've ever seen - 'cuz there are no edges where you're looking (borders of stars and 'A'), and where the decal edges really are disappeared under the paint.

It's a nice detail on what sadly is not one of my better build otherwise. The base sorely needs redoing.
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