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need help identifying/ parts avail??

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need help identifying/ parts avail?? pics added

hey guys...

i'm sitting here looking at a traxxas 4wd electric stadium type truck.
bathtub chassis, blk with red gear boxes.

looks very similar to the tamyia stadium trucks as far as wheels, etc.

it needs a rear dogbone, and a front hub mount/steering arm.

i can't find this truck or parts listed on towers site. anyone know what it is, and where to get parts? i'll try to get a pic shortly.

here's some pics........ what is it?

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isn't that a tamiya car with traxxas electrics? TB01 I think?

i think you are right, as i did find a few parts listed that show TB01 as an application.

now for another question.... can i switch the crystal, and use a futaba radio with the traxxas electrics? man it's been so long since i've done much of this stuff. ( like late 80's. heh.....does having had a kyosho assault tell you how long? LOL)

thanks for the help!
is your futaba a 27mhz AM radio? That's what the traxxas receiver uses. So as long as that's the case you should be fine IMO.
That is a Tamiya TA02 chassis. I think their Hummer still uses this chassis.

thanks guys. the futaba is a 27 am.

and will look into the TA02 chassis parts. :thumbsup:
Yes, It is actually the Tamiya F-150 Stadium truck with Traxxas ESC and Reciever. It is the Tamiya TA02 chassis with the Tamiya Wheels & Tires. There is a Chevy S-10 they made as well. How do I know this? I had one! :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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