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Ok , I seem to be having a problem . I made plans to go with my buddy to the fest and all of a sudden I can't seem to get ahold of him . So I don't know if he is still planning on going or not .

So if anyone in the cleveland area that is going has room for me and a box and a bag , I would be willing to throw in for gas .

Also I was planning on splitting a room for saturday and now I don't know whats up with that either . So if anyone has extra space ( floor is fine ) and I could kick in some money for the room or split the cost .

Hate to ask so late in the game , but if I have to go rent a car myself and pay for a room myself , thats really going to tear into my spending money .

any help would be appreciated


Eric [email protected]

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I got a room, but not sure if a friend from Norfolk will be there, or if he found a spot to crash. I'll be at the Marriott. Check with me if you are still in a bind. I should know what his arrangements are by 2-3 pm Friday.

Paul Forster (wlpaul)
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