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Nascar Fans... Stuff To Trade Or Sell

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Ok Nascar fans,..I have got a ton of diecast to sell or trade rangeing from 1990-2001
I just don't have the space for it, anniversy Gold cars,(1998),QVC cars, platium cars, 24K Gold cars, stock Rods 1/64 and 1/24 and a few 1/18th Ertls also.
I started collecting the Dubs Mustangs, and BaddRides Mustangs, and Harley Davidson Bikes, and a few Ford Gt-40's also intrested in GR-4's.
Would be willing to trade my nascar items for these.
I NEED my garage back....HELP!!! No reasonable offer refused.
You can IM me or email me at [email protected]
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i had 46 of those 1/24 1998 gold cars. ended up selling those for $5.00 a piece. and was happy to get that. sold 5.......... 24 kt gold for $60.00 for all 5. market is tough if there at all. i've thrown out alot also, just to get the room back.
Market drop!!!!!

Damn, i don,t need to hear that. I bet i have 150 1/24 scale QVC, RCCA and ACTION cars. Lot,s of Earnhardt and lot,s of colorchrome. I also have about 100 1/64 scale chrome chase peice,s some in their own box,s and some on cardboard. I can,t help it i,m a hoarder, lol, Reckon i,m gone hang onto em a lil longer. Good luck selling your,s. Russ :roll: :thumbsup:
yeah the reg Gold cars are hell to give away even on ebay nowadays.
And I mean Top drivers too ie: Elliott, Martin, Earnhart ect. I have a garage full of stuff I'm trying to move,I'd settle for trading some HotWheels Bikes or Mustangs if anyones intrested.
I have some loose hotwheels bikes and mustangs lmk if your interested Im only interested in 1:64 scale nascar cars...lmk email me at [email protected]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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