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Can someone tell me what brand and version this car is? I bought it a couple years ago to mount a body on as just a static display only but never did that and have no use for it. Thought that maybe somebody could use it as a parts car or something?

It is in pretty rough condition. As you will see, it has a lot of mismatched nuts and bolts and tie rods and ball ends. The main chassis has some holes drilled in it and is in poor condition but still in tact. It has no front shocks and the rear shocks that were on it are mismatched ones. The drive belts look to be in good condition. All the red anodized aluminum parts and drive train are in very good condition. The foam tires are junk but I saved them in case someone wanted to mount new foams on the wheels. The wheels themselves are in good condition, just a little dirty. It also has a Futaba S3003 servo in it but has both the ears cut off of it.

If anyone is interested in it make me an offer. I will also be posting it in the on-road for sale thread. Thanks for looking! :)

Pics are linked to Flickr. Too many to post on here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/shawnrichards/sets/72157622817723517/
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