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Mystery Car Collector Numbers (from Lee's Toy Review Jan 2007):
157 What 4-2-peal white plastic body, red and light OR dark blue flames
158 1970 Plymouth Barracuda-
black body, gloss black roof, "Plymouth® Barracuda© DCC on base under passenger door
black body, flat black roof, "Plymouth® Barracuda© DCC on base under passenger door
black body, flat black roof, "Plymouth® ©DCC on base under passenger door
159 C6 Corvette-metallic red
160 Symbolic
161 Power Rage-gold chrome with red chrome FTE OR red acceleracer wheels
162 Animated Batmobile-black plastic body, light blue OR dark blue stripes
163 Side Draft-metallic gray body, smooth OR etched pattern on rear of car
164 Sand Stinger-metallic orange OR dark metallic orange
165 1965 Pontiac Bonneville-red
166 Maserati MC 12-dark metallic blue
167 VW Bug Convertible-purple
168 Dodge M80-metallic silver, red and black stripes
169 F-Racer-pearl white and gold chrome OR dark gold chrome
170 Bugatti Veyron-pearl yellow body, black and brown stripes
171 Battle Spec-chrome body, unpainted OR blue tinted base
172 Corvette Stingray (2003)
173 Steel Flame
174 Riley & Scott MK III-pearl blue OR dark pearl blue body
175 Track-T-white
176 Rapid Transit
177 Road Rocket
178 Fish'd & Chip'd
179 Chapparal 2D
180 Super Comp Dragster

2006-198 Hot Bird-purple
2006-206 Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept-red
2007 FE 1966 Chevy Nova-bronze
2007 FE 2007-012 Straight Pipes-yellow
2007 FE Dodge Challenger Concept-green (PR-5 OR 5 spoke wheels)

2007 FE 2007-011 Wastelander-black dirt bike
2007 Mystery 2007-169 F-Racer (come with light or dark gold sides)
2007 Mystery 2007-174 Riley and Scott MK III (comes with light or dark blue body)
2007 Mystery 2007-175 Track-T

All Stars 1964 Buick Riviera-gold
All Stars 2007-139 Ferrari 333 SP-red

Batman Jokers Last Laugh-Cyclops (pastel purple) and Batmobile (light blue windows and gray stripes)
Batman Riddlers Rampage-Hyper Mite (metalic green) and Batmobile (dark blue windows and blue stripes

Camaro Team 2007-042 1967 Camaro-blue

Code Cars 2007-087 Muscle tone (comes with light or dark gold body)
Code Cars 2007-091 Monoposto-antifreeze
Code Cars 2007-093 I Candy-blue and orange
Gold Rides 2007-056 Unobtainium-gold
HW Classics 3 1969 Camaro Convertible-blue
HW Classics 3 Hiway Hauler-red
HW Classics 3 Purple Passion-aqua green
HW Design Hyper Mite-olive green
Pop Offs 2007-039 VW Beetle Cup-green
Taxi Rods 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner (comes with light and dark gold base)
Track Stars 2007-110 Subaru Impreza-white
Ultra Hots 50's Chevy Truck-silver
Ultra Hots 1955 Panel-orange
Ultra Hots 1957 Chevy Bel Air-red
Ultra Hots 1968 Ford Mustang-silver
Ultra Hots Karmann Ghia-blue

Dan Hammond
HW Dan's Info Corner
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