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I just wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude to Mark Hosaflook for the effort he put forth once again to make the annual Lightning Fest a reality. I love just being there and hanging out with everyone. I also want to thank Bobby for all that he does to support the Fest. He is a very important part of this event. These two are true gentlemen who are both still kids at heart. It is an honor for me to be able to spend time at this event with them.

I also want to thank Mark Boemer (dipstick) for sponsoring the customs contest. It gives me a reason to play with my toys. It also keeps my hands, and more importantly, my mind, busy. For me it is not so much the competion itself, but rather, the challenge of coming up with something unusual and at the same time not so unusual. I live for the subtleties in life, those things that at first go unnoticed, and then present nice little surprises upon their discovery. That's how I like to build my customs. Without Dipstick's contest I wouldn't have the motivation to build them.

Finally, while I am on the topic of customizing diecast, I would like to send Jeff, Kenny and Bill my congratulations on their wins in the customs contest. You guys werre awesome!

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