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my response to FEST is it stunk!!! The water in the hotel that is - LOL!

I must say that year after year this event just gets bigger and better and I
become more and more proud to be a part of it as well as an attendee. This
year was the best yet - The larger location made it feel like a bigger event
and thus gave people a bigger experience as well as being more comfortable
to spread out in. The extras with the 1:1 cars and more room for the
contests and PSR racing were additional pluses.

I want to thank those who participated in the custom diecast event - bigger
and better than ever!! Each of you should be proud.

I want to also say it is a pleasure to interact, chat, bs, etc with each of
you from the board: Triple, TA Tom, Big Joe, Mopar Mark, Willys, Bobb,
Goose, Gerald, Kaos, shane, larry, scott, Al/Cindy, Swifty, Wyatt, the VW
guys, Mac Ragan and the list goes on and on........ !!

Furthers my opinion that this board is more than just diecast. As Ms.
Fleetwood - Jeffy's better half - and I were talking: This extends much
farther than just little cars - it is about hanging out with incredible
friends and seeing unbelievable generosity.

There are a few people I would like to recognize that stood out in making my
experience much much greater this year as they have in past years:

Mark H - The hard work you put into this, know that if this event ends today
you made your mark on the hobby successfully in this and past years!

Bobby (and Debra) - Your kindness, generosity is unmatched. I appreciate
the rides, the beers and laughs!! Although I kept hearing what sounded like
a helmet banging against my room wall Saturday night - "ROCK ON JOHNNY
LIGHTNING!!!" Next year we ARE going to McCormiks!!

Rob - You and your wife did an incredible job and the fact it was all for
charity shows your integrity!! My hat is off!

Mod - Your friendship has been appreciated since day one - You are a great
friend and I thank you for that.

Couple quick highlights that stand out, in no particular order:

a. Jeff Fleetwood's face seeing he won the Presidents award, after Kaos
told him someone smashed one of his customs - LOL!!

b. "Johnny Bobby Lightning's" brief appearance late Saturday night in the
hospitality room

c. The NEW Custom L Rebel Rod designed by Gerald and I. You know Art was taking mental pictures for a future release.

d. The South Bend Bum - what???

e. "GOT - Zilla?"

f. "I like them in 1/24th scale as 1/18th is too big"

g. and one late and final entry into the books - Bobby directing the
accident traffic.

FEST 2005 or BUST!!

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I think our Custom Rebel rod was destroyed as not to influence future production. We may never know what happened to it.

It was fun Dip.


Is 1/24 better?

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I'm still laughing over the highlights...I'll never forget the fun in the hospitality room.

The conversation between fellow collectors is a lot of fun...looking foward to seeing everyone next year:wave:

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my take on it is pretty simple. vendors looking to make money,,,,,lots of people who collect looking to find something they want or need,,,,,,,,and lots and lots of really good people looking to have fun with like people doing just that,,,HAVING FUN!! i know i had a great time again this year and would miss it if they didnt do it again next year. what is so cool to me is all the BB members who attend,,,,in reality we are the main group who make the lightning fest happen,,,,,,,,if it happens again next year,,,i am certain that there is gong to be a special made HT JL car made like the "thank you" car,,,,,
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