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My Stable of Semi-Custom Built Cars

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Ever since I purchased my '73 Challenger, I had always wanted to do up a model to mimic all of the same features I plan on putting on it...Fast forward many years & many hobby shop searches later, I found a Lindberg '72 Challenger Rallye kit down in Illinois.

It had the front fender scallops, which I shaved off, along with a giant hole in the hood for a scoop, so I went to work creating what was supposed to be a T/A-style scoop to cover the void in the hood...Unfortunately, it ended up looking more like a six-pack scoop, but oh well. I sculpted a T/A rear spoiler out of a spare sprue & some two-part plastic epoxy. I also did a lot of modifications to the engine bay (created a single inlet air cleaner and ran individual spark plug wires to each cylinder) & added more detail to the interior.

My other one I did up was a 1991 Stealth R/T Twin-Turbo to mimic my full-size one, but I didn't go into as much detail with it as I did the Challenger.

The last one I did is of my daily driver, a 1990 Toyota Celica GT. The only model I could find was a rally-ready, stripped GT-Four version that I had to get shipped from China, so I had to do a fair amount of modifying on this one to get similar features to mine. I molded the console & shifter assembly using modeler's putty and various sprue pieces that I glued together using some more two-part plastic epoxy.

I also have done a '70 Hemi Orange Challenger T/A and a '71 Hemi 'Cuda convertible, but don't have any photos of them available.

Here are several photos of the complete collection of my miniature "real" cars:

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Thanks! That is strange that they don't have any Cobalt SS models out 'cause they already do a bunch of Import rockets, so why not American rockets? Heck, the Stealth is even a Japanese sport-touring car!
Yeah, that could be a bummer if you can't end up finding anything in scale form. I'm guessing you're probably correct that if they were to ever produce a model, it'll be the supercharged or turbocharged one so you'll have to do some modifications to get it similar to yours (wing change, ground effect changes, & whatnot).
The Challenger

Here are some photos of it taking shape:

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The Stealth R/T TT & Celica GT

A couple of the Stealth:

The engine, which is just as hard to work on as the real thing!:p

And the Celica:
(Notice the original, stripped shifter on the rear seat & I changed the seats out to make them closer to the actual seats.)

The custom console smoothed & ready for paint:
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Thanks! It took several runs back & forth to the car to make sure I wasn't missing anything, lol!
Rt-boost, what kind of paint you using "testors lacquer" // sure looks good --dom
Thanks! The Challenger was painted using Testors' Model Master FC-7 lacquer paint (don't recall if I used clear on it or not) and the other two were done using Testors enamel paint. The Stealth & Celica were both painted, wet-sanded a couple times, and then cleared with two or three coats.

I like how the luster is on the Stealth the most, but the other two didn't turn out too bad all things considered.
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