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I just want to apologize to everyone waiting for my reply, for the items they're looking to purchase. I have been going through alot these past couple weeks, working alot of OT and trying to catch up on sleep. I will be shipping most of the loose cars in flat rate boxes, because the automated PO machine I use will only let me ship priority or parce, with only like .50 cent difference. So everyone that has spoke to me about cars will have a PM in the morning reguarding prices. Thank you so much for your understanding in advance.

I have to throw another thing out there Michael (mikecast) purchased a couple loose m2's almost 3 weeks ago. Now I have never taken this long to ship out my end and for that i am very very sorry bro i threw in a few more cars for the trouble. And I will try my best to have your package out this weekend.

Hope you all understand.

Your fellow diecast collector

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