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Nice cars, of course the Jav is the best one. Sadly no one has come out with any new AMCs. SIGH
Thanks Craig, I know what you mean?!?, I was online for about three Hours looking for AMC, Fords, Chevy, and MOPARs for my collection and BOY! its dry out there. I been reading on AMC: Marlins, Rambers, AMX, and Javs in Hemmings Muscle Machines and thats when I got the itch to buy some Diecast Cars both 118 and 164s. I brought more in 164's than I did in 118s, both scales are just bone dry: HWY61,SC,AW,AutoArts,ExactDetail,Greenlight and M2.....:freak:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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