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I was cleaning my 1:18 cars and shelves off, and I stepped back and stepped on the bed of my Ertl 2000 Ford F150 Harley davidson extended cab. needless to say i wasnt happy. It snapped the rear axle, but amazingly that was all.

so i had a revalation. after completing my custom Maisto PT Cruiser, I decided to take my already broken Ertl 97 Ford F150 and swap some parts from the HD F150 onto the 97.

So, I have the 2000 HD 20" chrome wheels, hood, front bumper and headlight assembly, interior, bed(if it fits) and doors( might need help fitting, if not fix the 97's doors), exhaust, engine, and some misc. other parts.

hopefully ill get pics up when im finished. what do you guys think?
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