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I went to the local wally at 11pm thinking they would put a case out but had none. :( Was gonna go back home and some how ended up 30 minutes away at another wally :rolleyes:

Get to the hotwheels.......... nothng. same thing they had last weekend, which was about 10 cars. I was sad, so I start walking back and remembered I did'nt look at the pallets. Sure enough a case of hotwheels was sitting there. I did'nt want to just open it so i found a guy stockin the other toy isle and ask if I could. He said no problem :cool: First case I've ever opened at a wallys. Anyways here what I found. (sorry no pics. cant find my cord to transfer from camera)

3 Mystery cars. Cuda, ATV and the yellow gold rim one. Been lookin for the cude so, yay!

Silver Ferrari 575 GTC

Green Vari Dodge Challenger concept

Yellow Dodge Charger STR8

And the best one yet. Though I would'nt find it. Dairy Delivery T-Hunt!!! :cool:

I'm glad I "ended" up 30 minutes away. Also found 2005 Scion XB FTE and a Green 24/Seven earlier. Great night!
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