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to PM for a wonderful week full of cool finds.
Today I picked up Classic Gold cars;
59 Cadillac Elderado in Blue
82 Mustang Gt in black
Pat Musi Outlaw Stock Firebird in Green
Earlier in the week was:
Mopar No car Release 2:
73 Charger SE in Red
66 Charger in Hot Pink
68 Charger n Red
Meat Lockers or Storage tins:
71 Plymouth Hemi Cuda in Brown
71 Plymouth GTO Judge in Blue
68 Dodge Funny car (Coke Series) in Black
Mustang 2 Series:
70 Mach 1 in yellow
69 Shelby GT500 in white (Convertable)
72 Convertable in Green

But the topper of it all was when I found the Hot Rod set at Target for $7.99. This has 4 cars: 63 chevy 2, Bad bird, AMC Rumble and a 57 Chevy Bel Air. All RR and the bottoms are detailed out.

P.S. Sorry for the long read.

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The white lettering is there!

Fortran said:
i'd figure since many old post we're being revived i'd chip in my 2 cents
More like a half a cents worth or maybe less.
And what's with bringing up all these old threads anyway?
Nothing better to do or what?

Cheers. Cobra
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