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My boys' Mystery Cars in *pictures*

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They have a long way to go yet, still missing the Bonneville and the concept truck(you know, the one I got yelled at for not buying cause it was opened), but they just got the Bugatti yesterday. Here is what they have so far:

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And here is the Bugatti:

Of course we too are running into open ones as well as them being hard to find. I think the boys now have two Bugatti's, two Maserati's, 4 or 5 Corvettes, three Batmobiles and a lot of the un-desirable cars to boot. However, they have a great time with these, and always look diligently while at the store.
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..that gold one with the red wheels has another wheel variation. Just figure I'd let you know.

Very Nice!!! Still need to get that Masserati!!!

i have got a few extra mystery cars if you are interested let me know.......
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