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My buddy had a grand re-opening at his store, over 10,000 HW's up and more than 40 TH's. I only got one. A super smooth. But here is the list...

Fatbax 2005 Corvette x3
One of them the back wheel is backwards, chrome on
the inside, hollow on the outside
Crank Itz
40s woody
59 caddy
steel flame x2
Dairy Delivery
Deora roll patrol w/boards
Deora roll patrol w/o boards x2
Plymouth Barracuda silver pr5 x2
tropicool tag rides
fandango tag rides
hardnoze caddy v-16
1963 t-bird x2
mitsubishi eclipse convertible
crooze batmobile x4
crooze low flow
crooze fast fuse x 4
madd propz x5
sixy beast
68 cougar tag rides
crooze w-oozie x6
scorchin scooter
blast lane x2

not bad, just wish i would have found more TH's
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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