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I need this set, as well as the 4 car release befor this one. See if I have my releases right...

Release 1 - 12 car set in smaller clam blisters

Release 2 - 6 car set found at TRU and now some WM

Release 3 - 6 car set found at TRU and now lots of WM

Release 4 - 4 car set ,out several weeks ago.

Release 5 - This 4 car set.

All but the first 12 are in the large reclosable blisters right? I want to try to track all these down. If my release numbers are correct above, then I have release 1 ( 12 cars in smaller blister) and release 3 ( with the Superbird, AMX, Shelby, etc) So I need to find that release #2, because I know I can buy #4 & 5 new from our OLD. (by the way, mail sent!)

Just let me know if I have the complete release history correct guys! Thanks.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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