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Based in Argentina, Muky made diecasts from there in the late 1970s to 1984 for Esdesoc which was owned by the de Conti brothers. Most are reissues of former Hot Wheels designs using the retired molds from Mattel. Each of the Muky casings is painted in one color enamel paint finishes with applied stickers on some. Most of the window pieces are a dark amber color. The (Deora) castings also sometimes have a dark blue window piece. Their wheel sets are a unique design to the brand though. Metal base plates were used by Muky. They were offered on single blister cards, in window boxes, picture boxes and in 3 packs.

In the late 1970s, worsening economic factors in Argentina, lead the DeConti brothers to move operations to Brazil. Here they began manufacturing their 'Argentinean Hot Wheels' diecasts from there and called them "Super Veloz (Fast)" as the packaging tag line. Those base plates now showed the country of origin as (made in) Brazil.

In 1984 or 1985, Dell Arciprete bought Muky from the de Coni brothers. Using most of the same molds, they began making Mukys again (at Induguay (?). Another resource citing information from collector/historian Roberto Frassinerti states these were made by Induguay S.A. "Fabrica de Juguetes Muky" (Muky Toy Factory). This company was located in Gualeguay, Entre Rios Province, Argentina.

Arciprete's Muky also added new vehicles to the line up. The Arciprete family is noted to have ran a fumigation business at the same time as they were making Muky castings. The casting models now came with plastic base plates. These later Mukys were numbered from 8 to 40/41 depending on the source reference. The #s (1) to (7) and there model names having been lost to time. Although one sourced reference identifies the #7 castings as the 1941 Ford Sedan. This one is #40 or #41 on other lists.

Mukys were known to have been distributed in Argentina, Spain and Uruguay.

A 1989, catalogue (page) shows almost the entire known line up as #8 to #37. A contest is also noted for a ride in the company airplane for those who completed the entire 'Collecion' as one of the available prizes.

In 1990, continued economic hardships in Argentina forced the Induguay (?) toy factory to be closed.

In the early 2000s, collector/historian Roberto Frassinerti had also determined that the Del Arciprete family still (?) owned a crop dusting service in Argentina. Also that a stash of completed castings had also been found and were available from the Buenos Aires Toy Museum. (They are no longer available from the Museum?)

According to Fassinerti, the Arciprete family has apparently kept the die molds and tooling and may still someday make more Mukys.

Known Argentinean casting model names - (19?? HW Casting Name)

The Deora was issued in 8 different configurations with a different rear plastic function/design piece each time. Many of the race cars were modified to include an inserted spoiler. The Torero was used twice and the Fire Chief Special ('68 Plymouth Fury three times.

# 7 Ford Sedan 1941
# 8 Lola GT (with) Spoiler
# 9 Ford (Mk IV) MKN Turbo (with spoiler)
# 10 Ford GT 40 Turbo (with spoiler)
# 11 Chevelle SS (Custom AMX)
# 12 (Custom) Lincoln Continental
# 13 Arenero Muky (Deora) - with rear cargo box
# 14 Lola GT 40
# 15 (Custom) Dodge Charger
# 16 (Custom) Corvette Especial
# 17 Casa Rodante Muky (Deora) - with slide in camper
# 18 Ford MK IV
# 19 Mac Laren (sic) M.G.A Turbo (McLaren) with spoiler
# 20 (Ford) Turbo GT 40
# 21 (Custom) Cadlilac Eldorado
# 22 Lamborghini Especial (Torero)
# 23 Cisterna Muky (Deora) with camper shell
# 24 Policia (1968 Plymouth Fury)
# 25 Camion Jaula (Deora) with rear stake bed
# 26 Super Turbo (?)
# 27 Furgon Muky (Deora) as a van
# 28 Chaparral 2 G
# 29 Skoda Baby (Deora) - with rear pipe load
# 30 Ford Coupe 36 with opening rumble seat
# 31 Volcador Muky (Deoar) - with rear dump bucket
# 32 Lancia 3000 (Super Turbo) - with spoiler
# 33 Rapit Urtano (Deora) - 2nd van design
# 34 Mc Laren (sic) MGA
# 35 Bomberos 'Fire Chief Car' ('68 Plymouth Fury)
# 36 Servicio Medico 'Paramedic Car' ('68 Plymouth Fury)
# 37 Taximetro 'Taxi' ('68 Plymouth Fury)
# 38 Volkswagen Escarabajo (also noted as unknown)
# 39 Ferrari 308
# 40 VW Beetle (?)
# 41 Ford Coupe 1941 (?)

Sourced references -

Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)
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