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Muffler performance concerns put to rest

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After this last race I think it can definately be stated that there is absolutely NO performance loss running the HPI muffler.

Roger Douglas ran the .15 with a HPI muffler, he not only TQ'ed the race but he also set the fastest single lap record with it.

So now that is put to rest.

Good run Roger!
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Excellent run Roger. You have definitely put the bar at a higher level for the rest of us. It would not be as much fun racing nitro if it were not for the people who race. The friendships we have all nourished over the years is far more important than the racing itself........ Thanks for coming down to LPR and racing with us.......

I think you bring up a valid point when you mention that its just a toy car race. We all have been racing with each other for years, and the give and take on the track is exceptional. How many times have we gone 3 abreast thru a corner and nobody touches? This is the part that racers don't understand about nitro oval racing. The cars are so close, but the driving and setup make the difference on any given day. This is the most fun I have ever had racing R/C cars. If you are not involved in nitro oval racing.... you don't know what you are missing. Take care Roger....... see you at the Grove.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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