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Muffler performance concerns put to rest

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After this last race I think it can definately be stated that there is absolutely NO performance loss running the HPI muffler.

Roger Douglas ran the .15 with a HPI muffler, he not only TQ'ed the race but he also set the fastest single lap record with it.

So now that is put to rest.

Good run Roger!
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Thank you Scott and Tim and it has been an enjoyable couple trips down as you say the friendships overcome the racing itself. Lets keep up how we all respect and earn respect on and off the track for each other to show others that this is fun and enjoyable. It is just a toy car race. I greatly appreciate the way everyone is racing and the give and take shown on the track. Ya'll take care and we'll see ya at the Grove.

i can only give 6 inches roger. lol!!
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