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Hey guys MSI Racing and Hobbies is now offering off road racing at our establishment. We will offer Practice on Saturday and Tuesday. Racing will take place on Monday's starting on 7:00pm

Practice Cost is $2 per hour $5 for the whole day
Race Entry is $10

These are the classes that we offer:

Stock 2wd Buggy: May run any ROAR Legal 27T Brushed Motor or 17.5 Brushless Motor with any ESC, Only 7.2v NiMH or 2s 7.4v Lipo Batteries, Any ROAR legal 2.2 Buggy tire.

Pro 2 Short Course: Any Roar legal short course truck chassis, 19T Brushed Motor or 13.5 Brushless Motor with Any ESC, Only 7.2v NiMH or 7.4v 2s Lipo Battery, any Roar legal (2.2 x 3.0) Short Course Tire.

4WD Short Course: Any Short Course Chassis that conforms to the ROAR specs for length and width, Only 7.2v NiMH or 2S 7.4v Lipo Battery, any ROAR legal (2.2x3.0) Short Course Tire.

Motor list for Pro SCT 4x4 Approved Motors:

Traxxas VXL-3s System
Any 540 sized 10.5 with No advance Timing
Any 550 sized 5.5 Motor with a Maximum of a 13t Pinion Gear
Reedy 550 Motor w/Stock Gearing(RTR SC10 4x4)
Losi 2800kv Motor w/Stock Gearing (RTR SCTE)
Castle Creations 4-Pole 3800kv Motor w/a Maximum of 13T Pinion

13.5 Truck: Any ROAR Legal 1/10 2wd Stadium Truck Chassi, 19T Brushed or 13.5T Brushless Motor with any ESC, Only 7.2v NiMH or 2S 7.4v Lipo Battery, any ROAR legal 2.2 Stadium Truck tire

We will also 1/14 Losi Mini 8ight that will run completely stock and the spec tire used will be 1/10 touring Sweep 32 tires. Have found these tires to be consistent with wear and grip.

Any other motors approved for running are at the sole discretion of the race director, and we reserve the right to tech any vehicle we deem to be outside of these rules. This is done to keep the speed of the vehicles down for the safety of spectators as well as marshalls on the track. We reserve the right at any time to change these rules as we see fit.

We are always open to more classes as long as there is more than 3 racers for the class.

MSI Racing and hobbies first Off-Road Race night is June 4th. Come out and join us for a great night of racing.

For any Questions and Concerns feel free to pm my self or give us a call.

MSI Racing and Hobbies
29925 Groesbeck Hwy
Roseville, MI 48066
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