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MORL 09 favorite track

  • Litchfield

    Votes: 12 21.4%
  • Jones

    Votes: 7 12.5%
  • Stateline

    Votes: 22 39.3%
  • Pheasant Run

    Votes: 11 19.6%
  • Battlefront

    Votes: 11 19.6%
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A little more water would've been nice! Still sweeping out the truck and trailer! Overall had a good time!
Yeah, it didn't work out quite as well as it did for the ROAR last September. I think the combination of a couple thousand laps more on the track and a couple heats of 1/8 scale took its toll.

I felt really bad about all the dust blowing off the South end of the track. Already making plans to do things a little differently for next year.

Glad you had a good time in spite of the dust.

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i said jones. i have always enjoyed running there every time i go there. everyone is right on for track prep, and the lamotts always put on a good show. the only problem it has - is that it gets blown out after about 5 races, as do all other top soil/sand tracks. so realistically, in my opinion i think between each class change there should be light track prep, just to get pot holes filled in, especially after the 1/8th scales run.
thing is though - its offroad. if you dont want to have to switch your lines then you should run onroad. i think the layout was great this year, that right angle table top was tricky, but it was fun. wish we really could have had 3 heats at that track.

so my order of favorite tracks this year -
1. jones - fun, good layout, unique track
2. pheasant run - first time there, excellent track. needs better facilities- aka restroom.
3. BFG - good hospitality, best lighting, good traction when the track is fresh.
4. stateline - first time there, kevin and the crew did an excellent job hosting, track was variable all day though. hard to judge tire selection. track was way too big.
5. litchfield - nothing against anyone running it, the hamilton family does a great job hosting, just not my best track to run at. never have had good luck there.

thanks to all tracks for hosting, and putting on a good show, really enjoyed running at stateline and pheasnt run for the first time, and also to everyone that participated to help out with track prep, thanks for putting forth good effort and volunteering.

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like I said it would be hard to pick one over the others what would BFG have been like with the rain the first two tracks had how would jones hold up with out water. they all had good and bad points but in the end they are the same for all that ran on them cant wait to see what next year brings for layouts and jumps

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what you said scott.I said battle front because the track was pretty predictable from round to round so I didnt really have to change run lines all day.
Really? I TQ stk buggy with Panther switches, second qually was ifmar pins, the main i used Double Dee's, the track was different EVERY run!! Just like every track, I am a huge fan of loamy tracks, Let me put on some step pins and let the fun begin, lol.

had to cover up the brownies uh.lol
Ya gotta eat them quicker, lol

I like them all for differing reasons...

I just hope stateline has 10th scale in mind for next year with some of their features.
Love Stateline!!!

Here is my line up:

#4-Pheasant Runn
#5 BFG

I had a great season, thanx to all that helped me through the year.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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