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Good evening everyone,

Here is a look at my car and the car I fixed up for Charles. I have to get some yellow paint to paint the bumpers on my "Lil" Bud Moore 63 Plymouth as he was a rookie for this race, ran smack into the rear end of Jr Johnsons Holly farms 64 Galaxy. Charles car is a #9 John Rostech. The decals fro both cars came out good and will be available after the Labor Day race.

I am also almost done with two more cars that are going to the Labor Day race for other racers. A No 11 Ned Jarett. I cast the 63 Galaxy in clear resin them masked and painted it and used some decals I made earlier this year. The other car is a 64 Fred Lorenzen. They both need some clear coat then some silver and detail work before they are ready to go.

Now I have to build two modified one for me and one for Charles, Charlie is going to drive he # 99 Camaro and I have a Maverick cut and ready to go also as a back up I'm building a backup using one of BRPs new Modified bodies.
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