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WLs & other stuff for trade:

I have some diecast WLs to trade:

<Both Monsters WLs are now spoken for.>

a white 04 Mitubishi Lancer Evo WL,
a Clue 57 Lincoln on a pretty good card (some minor bending, but no major damage. Still displays nicely)
a chief Wiggum's police car WL on a rough card
a bwf PT Cruiser WL on a nice card (series 1)
a Hot Rods Bumongus WL with a small vein accross the lower left corner
a Funny Car Legends Kingfish WL on a nice card.

I also found some older non WL stuff:

chrome green with gold rims(Target exclusive I think) Green Hornet Black Beauty
chrome Mystery Machine on the HOW card
Ecto 1A from the newer HOW release
a white 67 Cougar from Muscle Cars (from the JL club)
a Monkeemobile from HOW series 1 (non Tampo version)

Here is what I am looking for:

slotcar WLs:

series 1
Willys & GS Vette

series 5
Boss 429

Any XT or newer series White Thunders

I'm not limited to just WT slotcars. I will also consider trading for other interesting vintage or custom slotcars or other slotcar stuff.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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