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Thanks, I'd love put gallery shots in all the reviews if I had the time. There are so many talented artist out there, it would be easy to fill a 1/2 hour each week. I'm usually producing the episodes the week they come out. When I know in advanced and time permits I'll always ask. The Toybiz kits I'll be doing in the future will be the Thing, Silver Surfer, Thor, Venom and Ghost Rider, I'm almost finished with Hulk and Wolverine but they are a ways out, e-mail me at [email protected]. If your interestesed, any level of builder is welcome, I certainly didn't start the show because of my work, I've always been inspired by others. Other kits that are close are The Dark Horse Mummy kit, Rommals's Rod, the Monster Rod: Mummy Machine (I need a good box scan and a shot of the instructions if anyone has one,) Although some weeks I'm running late and just grab something off the shelf. time is the biggest hurdle,
Thanks again and please any one interested let me know, the only thing I'm picky on are the size and quatilty of the shots.
Monster Model Review
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