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Monster customizing kits

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A few years ago, I bought a boatload of these kits from HobLob for a buck each. Has anybody actually used these to customize any of their models? (If I had gotten these in the 60's,I probably would have used one per kit, but now I just can't seem to picture them in use).

By the way, anybody got a Frankenstein headstone that they can bear to part with?
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Yes, I've used them in a number of my Monster Rod dioramas including the Go Cart and the Creature's Crate. I also see them used from time to time in project reviews in both AFM and Modeler's Resource...

Dr. G
I've used the skull on the base I built for my Horizon Frankenstein Monster, various other parts in a kitbash I did on a couple of Toy Biz kits, some rats on a base I built combining the Revell Batman from Batman Forever and Horizon standing Spider-Man, I'm using the snake-infested skull on the base I'm making for the GEOmetric Mummy and I have plans for bats, spiders, webs and rats on an upcoming project. Somewhere down the road I plan a Creature project that will use the lizard. I LOVE the customizing kits and would like to get a few more. At a buck apiece, I'd buy at least 30 if I could get them. Feel like selling any?
As I stated in a posting awhile back I personally do not like to change anything (or add anything) even Slighty,that changes the Kit from the way they looked from Aurora.This being said I still wanted to display the individual Pieces that made up the Two Customizing Kits.Solution? Well After reading this Great Article in Modeler's Resource I Decided Maybe even I could Sculpt a Tree! So I proceeded to Scratch Build a Graveyard Base with a Big Ol' Dead Lookin' Tree that I based on the "Customizing Kit's " Box art. On the Tree Limb I attached the Finished Vulture,Below I added the Hell Hound and of course the Tombstones and those other Stones (Like on the Frankenstien Base) Anyhoo I was Pretty Satisfied with the Results. The Only other "Customizing" I actually done was building a Hillside for the Bates/ Psycho House lol
Have Fun
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i use 'em all the time for variuos projects . i pretty much have a whole set of originals built up in thier out of the box state so i took the opportunity with the 'luminators and subsequent re releases to do reposes , replacement heads /parts , customizing kit stuff . just basically wanted to have a blast with 'em .
so far i've done 2 franks , dracula , the Mummy , the Creature , the Wolfman , Phantom Of the Opera and i'm currently working on Dr Jekyll .
i grabbed a few extra customizing kits myself just to have a good stock of grusome goodies .
BTW , Lonfan , that tree / graveyard you did is outstanding .
model on guys ,
Trendon, you're right, you're kits DO look great!! Very nice placement of the customizing parts!

Thanks Beck, I forgot I was able to get Pics Posted on that One! Also I wanted to say I based my Tree on the one in the "Tarpit" Kit (Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Series)
Thanks again
OH BTW I need to speak W/ You regarding the Dr. Jekyll, Mine has a Strange "Condition" on the Labcoat.Like to know if you noticed this as well,it's as though a Layer of Resin is Peeling away from another. Also there is a Bunch of Nifty Testtubes and stuff Molded in Clear,One of these is a Solid Clear Disc. Any Idea what this is to be? And Finally did your's have the little Figure Eight Shaped "Spill" Piece? I remembered that from my original Waaaaaay back in '75 but I don't see it in the "Retro" Version I really don't wanna bother Gene about this (I was a real A-Hole at one point All most didn't get the Kit AT ALL) But I'd Still like to know if these things were wrong with anybody else's?
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I made a diorama with Frankinstien wolfman and drac in a grave yard setting using the two tombstones along with frankinstien and the skelotons rising up from the ground with the rats picking their bonesI had the wolfman with more rocks that I built around him with the mad dog growling at him and drac with the tree limbsand bats and the vulture I painted a house in the backround with bats fling overhead and a full moon with wolves howling at it some trees and a witch flying across the sky
Model Happy , that sounds too cool . it's neat to hear what other people have done . it gets the imagination going .
hey Lon , i did notice a slight imperfection on the lab coat ( looks like mine may have peeled and left a small flat spot ) i'll try to putty it over i think and see if that takes care of it .
as to that little disc , i'm not sure what that was supposed to be .
but i did get the spilt "blob " . there are a lot of extra lab parts in my kit , i'll check tonight and see if i got 2 of the spills . if i do , i'll send ya one .
if not , it probably wouldn't be too hard to fabricate one out of sculpy or even Elmer's glue .
i'll email ya tomorrow when i know fer sure .
hey Lon , i checked my kit and it was the beaker that i had 2 of . sorry man . but like i said , it shouldn't be too hard to make one of those spills from scratch .
I usually don't gush, but what a FRICKIN AWESOME site. Your builds are inspiring.You are going to make me spend more money on kits.

I hate you... :roll:

Scott Hasty said:
I hate you... :roll:

Thanks, I Think? :lol:

Seriously, I'm glad that you liked my website.
I haven't updated in a while because I've been working like a dog at my job and I don't have as much time to devote to models as I used to.

Again, thanks for the kind words.
"I haven't updated in a while because I've been working like a dog at my job and I don't have as much time to devote to models as I used to."

I Feel Your Pain Tren, I just got a Promotion at the Grocery I work at So NOW my hours will be 10:00pm to 6:00am then it's get the kids off to School and catch a few Winks! Not much Time in there for Modeling! Funny/Ironic,I finally can afford to buy a couple of Kits and now NO time to build them! AGGRAH!!!! Reminds me of that "Twilight Zone" were Burgess Merideth Finally gets the time to read all those Books,Then his Glasses get Broken! lol
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