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Mississippi Racers Thread

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Just thought I would start a thread for us. But watch out for what you say, its no telling what you could trigger. :jest:
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B.A. Sanders said:
RAINEY, I'm making you post back to me so we can get our count
up. He, He !!:devil:

What's up RAINEY? Remeber this? This was when we're making fun of how
much posts we each had. I got to admit, you stuck to your guns.
I'm waving my white flag. I like to post over here just as much. I get alot
of help from the Sippi guys. :wave:

Did ya'll get the chance to race Sunday?

No TOMMY we sure didn't. I Think Tony wanted a vacation day. I totally agreed
with it too, cause so many family things going on, probably no one would've showed
up. We'll be running off road this Sunday, if you know WHAT doesn't happen.

A little vacation time always helps the hobby. Let's you rack up on the points with the wife!

I heard Casey had a little boy @ 9:00 on the 12/27/04.
Been mighty quite on here too. Everyone must be busy getting those new toys ready to race, hehe.

Michael Lake
You was right, I only have a half dozen already painted.lol
It seemed like whatever I was going to paint it like, I had already done one that way. I guess I just need one with stripes.lol

I really like the body that BJConcepts makes for the B4.

What did yours turn out like?

Tommy :thumbsup:
Happy New Year To Ya'll Sippi Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pretty cool I think.

That was some tough racing this weekend.
Is everything all right over here in Sippi world?? Or did ya'll change to a new thread?

Hello Brent. I wrote a nice reply to this yesterday and must have forgot to push the "submit reply"! Oh well.

I think a few things are working against us right now. Cold, rain, deer season, Thanksgiving, Christmas (and the credit card bill), work, some overall burn out, class diversification and the fact that some of the most prolific posters here have moved to an off-road thread have slowed this one down.

I'm doing a fair bit of hobbying these days but haven't looked at my cars/trucks in a while. There's just not much racing going on. Talking trash I'll add... that my stuff was fast when I put it away and I'm going to be tough to beat when we do get back to it! I would like to have one of the new Mat Fransis II's though.

What are you hearing? Any racing around?

... now... submit reply...

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Hey Bill, good to hear from ya. We're still racing every weekend as long as there
is no rain, the cold hasn't slowed us down too much. We're running offroad this
Sunday. Has the oval pretty much shut down over there? Be sure to watch this, or
our, thread. I'll be needing some fuel in the next few weeks. It's worth it to me
to drive there and get it.

Keep in touch.

Hey all... Something to think about... Now that racing has slowed for the winter, now would be a good time to think about putting together a seasons points championship in one or more of the classes. Once spring arrives and we've are already hot and heavy into the racing it's always harder to get things started.

- I quess we'd have to talk about points system.
- Who's in the series? What classes?
- How many races you gotta run to be in. Maybe 50-75% of the races or you're not in contention? Is there a break for out of town folks that don't make the minimum number?
- Season dates (i.e. when does it start/end)
- Number of races you can drop, if any? Say 20% or the races you enter (rounded down)? You enter 10 times you'd be able to drop 2 races. Enter 5 times, one race. Enter 3 or 4 times, they all count.

Anyone interested? Any input or ideas?

Bill Vail
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Since the new year has started it's a good time to start a new thread.
Just Moved To Mississippi,columbus Area,where Are The Tracks?
tbighunter1 said:
Just Moved To Mississippi,columbus Area,where Are The Tracks?

In the Columbus area, you'll have to drive just a little bit. Tuscaloosa has dirt oval, concrete oval and off-road. Visit the Alabama racers thread in both off-road and oval sections. Meridain runs dirt oval, may start back racing this spring when the weather gets better. What all do you run??? Also, what brings you to Columbus??

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