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Mississippi Racers Thread

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Just thought I would start a thread for us. But watch out for what you say, its no telling what you could trigger. :jest:
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I got the losi, I just like it a little more, if it doesn t work for me than
i will get the b4. I so excited to run something new I wish I could race tomorrow night. Electric is going to be fun, i am looking forward to the guys that I get to race against, much more experience than most of the other guys. Should be alot of fun. I am going to take off in july and go to BR with yall somebody get me a date.
Hey Rufus great choice with the Losi, I really belive that you will be happy with it, if not let me know and I might take it off your hands if you don't like it but I know that you will.

HAHAHAHa, just got home already feeling better they coldnt do but half of what they were suppost to so I may come by tonight, I will just have to wait and see. Good luck
Hey I got my car together it is so cool I am dying to race, I need you to put my packs together, please. What happen tonight
Tommy when you get a chance call me. 917-4336
I guess that the T-town boys scared yall away. Thats cool guess that we will have to make another trip and take it next time.
Sorry folks I couldn't make it this week. My son graduated (from Clarkdale HS) and I was a little distracted.... but I'll be back faster than ever next week! Tommy I'm putting down lots of water for my monster outlaw gas/brushlesss horsepower:)) Bring your big knobby buggy tires! I might even race buggy(?). Rufus you know you never beat me in gas before you quit/gave up. Should we keep the record going in buggy?

Bill Vail
I still have a gas truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I will break it out again, but bring your BUGGY
im gonna race, im gonna race, im gonna race!

yepe!!!!!!!!! The doctor is taking my stitches out Fri, no more surgery. I get to race Friday night, so all you eletric guys get ready. I am gonna hit the wall hard!
What are you talking about run over you, I hope that I can just keep up.
Yeah it is the beginner crash derby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See there they go again the Alabama boys wanted to come again and everyone is scared. Just like the last time we showed up fast and everyone didn't want to race. Well when ever ya'll want us to come back and will have a crowd let us know. We love Whippin up on Sippi Folks.HAHAHA

81 - 100 of 1339 Posts
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