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Mississippi Racers Thread

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Just thought I would start a thread for us. But watch out for what you say, its no telling what you could trigger. :jest:
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B... Yes I'll be there (I think) and yes PD will be there.. I called him earlier this week and talked to him. I'm glad I called. It seems the fella in question called PD before he even got home and I'm not sure the entire story got passed to him. Part of the problem is that I was racing and didn't have time to watch the entire animal act. All I know is there was some backwards, some hitting, some off the track, some shouting, some throwing, some back on the track and then my stuff got toe up... and me leaving. In about that order. Maybe someone turn-marshalling or watching the race could give a better account. Donald was also racing and didn't have time to stop and watch the act.

I really don't mean to make this a red-ass for the track owner. He's a regular guy like you and me trying to have some racing on Friday night. He doesn't need this. I only called him so he wasn't the last to know... or only got one persons perspective. Again, I'm glad I called.

I'm not sure I know what needs to be done. Here is one sugggestion... In NASCAR there is no committee and it's by far the most popular form of motor racing ever. Mr. France runs the show and you better do it his way or you're not coming back. Mr. France says I'm tired of tire wars. It's not good for my racing so everyone must use GoodYears. End of subject. Any questions? A call to the "trailer" usually fixes the problem. If it doesn't, you don't come to the next race. Most forms of raceing that are doing well in the world are run by a dictatorship. Plain and simple. Berny Echalstone (Sp?) owns and runs F1 and while F1 is looking at some changes it is healthy. CART is run by committee and in serious trouble. R/C carpet racing in Vergina was huge and run by a fella named Tony Davis. 50 entries every Saturday night. And there was only one way... Tony's way. There was an inspection before each heat and if he saw something he didn't like you had two options... fix it or leave. He'd tell you over the mic. "get you car under control or take it off". A minutes grace was 60 sec. It sounds like a pain in the butt but it wasn't. You knew what was expected and the rules were easy to follow. He wanted your entry fee but knew that your $10 was not as important as the racing. With only 10 of us in a field on a Friday night I don't know that it needs to be that strick but some rules would help. ROAR rules are a start but not enough.

Donald said CC bought an Adam Drake and a wing :-(. That may be the end of the sprint cars. Rufus said he's sell out of gas truck. RM.. DON'T DO IT! Who will I run against?!

The fact that CC works the track complicates the problem. I'd say we just kick him out but who would fix the track?

I'm not sure I'll enter. I really don't need this crap. My stuff is fixed and race ready but I'm not sure this is fun right now. Maybe I'll feel different Friday. Or... maybe I'll "just stand around and have a good time".

Bill Vail
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A Total Mess.

Hey guy's I know this is your track.and really it is not all of your problems.After reading this.I will make it a point not to come as of now! First GotJuice in tuscaloosa Has enforced Roar rules.and will probably get even tighter on the rules.But I will Say we had some of the best racing now with rules.I am 100% for strick Rules. it has made for much more fun. And better racing. I agree with If you are all over the track and can't control it. Simply Black flag him or her.Warn them then if continues send the person to the house.You cannot have fun when you have to worry with a situation getting out of control. RULES RULES.and stick to them.Go strickly by the book then everyone knows,What page everyone is on.Like foul Language.warn em .tell everyone it will not be tollerated.and by the rules send the person to the house. I would not want to have one person ruin everything for other racers. Stuff like this is what ruins a good hobby. From someone who loves racing as well as the next.RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 2 cent's worth.
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b4wizard We will be on the dirt oval.Saturday. I hope the weather is nice by then.
If your coming over here remember 50oz for buggy and 60oz for truck with transponder. NO Binary motors either. Hope I can make it Friday.(NORAIN).
We start at 5:30pm.

b4wizard Yes we have scales.And those wheight's are what that vehicle had best weight at the end of race. Also you can download 2004 roar rulebook. there is alot of very informative stuff for the gas class.I personally believe if ya'll went buy those rules in the end all would be happy.It knocks out that cheating mess. Like i said i am very happy there are rules at our track now.and that's it case closed.
b4wizard The 1499 grams equals 52.875 o/z. The reason for the 60 o/z is we go by off road truck.If you look at tire diameters you will see why. everyone would have to go by tires and wheels to make it on the dirt oval.max diam 3.5. where as stock truck is 4.0. so it is on a better level for all who want to run stock truck.you would loose alot of people if they had to run out and get smaller tires etc.we have been down that road and i was as quilty as the next.Stock truck don't come with buggy sized tires.is a shame though.when you go thru rule book you have to look close at tires width etc.Now if running a modified truck well then?lotsa of fun. Tony has a kranzel.but i do not know if he has run it.
Slider is the man. Offroad truck and Dirt stock. O the kranzel has been run. Just need to work on spring rates. So far 4 of us are going to try and get over to Sippi friday night. we will make a call on coming for sure around 3:00(weather pending). B4 if they cancel before then post it please.

juice I sse your on. I m just reading all the good gossip. Wanted to say hey
im not racin tomorrow, I have a birthday to go to, but i am working on my truck right now
Plus it looks like we are going to get washed out
I think I am just tired of and frustrated with that class. Thinking of something else rc I would like to race ELECTRIC! Truck or buggy undecided
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