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Mississippi Racers Thread

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Just thought I would start a thread for us. But watch out for what you say, its no telling what you could trigger. :jest:
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Friday Night

What will be racing in Meridian this weekend?

Mark White wants to know if the monster trucks are running this Friday night. Weather permitting. It will be next weekend before I can attend on the monster dirt oval.

Thanks Tony
I like this guy myself BUT no one is going to intentionally go backwards to tear up my stuff. Has anyone talked to this guy yet?(Racers or Track owner)

If your coming over here remember 50oz for buggy and 60oz for truck with transponder. NO Binary motors either. Hope I can make it Friday.(NORAIN).
We start at 5:30pm.

Slider is the man. Offroad truck and Dirt stock. O the kranzel has been run. Just need to work on spring rates. So far 4 of us are going to try and get over to Sippi friday night. we will make a call on coming for sure around 3:00(weather pending). B4 if they cancel before then post it please.

See there they go again the Alabama boys wanted to come again and everyone is scared. Just like the last time we showed up fast and everyone didn't want to race. Well when ever ya'll want us to come back and will have a crowd let us know. We love Whippin up on Sippi Folks.HAHAHA

Friday night

Guys I'm not going to make it this Friday. Clint(myboy) has just got to finally eat something. I'm just going to race around here just in case I'm needed. The next weekend I'll do my best to be there.

Tony (1BadWedgie)Brothers
Now these are the post ya'll are suppose to be writing. Glad everyone finally had a good night of racing.

Are ya'll running the dirt oval this weekend if weather permits in Meridian?

Headed ya'lls way tonight. Let me know what's going on before 4:15. I should be there around 6ish.

Tell Tommy 36/4:05 isn't any good after tonight.

If the races get canceled would someone call me at 205-233-3009 We will be leaving at 4:00.

Thanks Tony
Yea Baby

Guys I had a great time last night on the high banks of Meridian. Congtats to Cruiser for the A-main win. Tommy no show should have been there. Then he could have seens some 6.3 laps. 37 laps with a 4:05 pace with only 10 laps run then the Tony luck happened. Shock screw on the right front came out. Tommy you still got the record but you better up it before I get to come back. Which might be next weekend.LOL

Little Alex you are the man. You just Keep driven son.


Josh sorry for the rubbin.lol

Clint that was the best I've seen ya'll track. Good Job dude.
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I had not seen a p2k2 with the new end bell. A guy that I race with just bought one with out the new end bell. I just asked if they had switched over. Josh said they ran them in N.O. So he ran it what's the big deal. My email is [email protected] and I would like to see the comments that were deleted.LOL

If I can get a blocker to come over with me I'll be ther next Friday night.LOL

Man ya'll have a great week. Tell that pink car guy to be ready.LOL

1BadWedgie from T-Town
new motor with all the perks done to it. just half the motor.lol I just hadn't seen the new end bell on that kind of motor. No advantage would be gained except no Cap on the motor.
Pm me your number Tommy and I'll call you Tonight and we can shoot the $hit.

Mississippi Meyhem

Well I did see a p2k2 with the new end bell. I hope ya'll are going to run 6.3's. I checked my motor and it was very low on power after the night. Bringing more power this time. Can anyone say 6.2's? If the weather looks good enough for the trip I'll Be There. Loctite and all.

I hope everyone is there so there want be anymore talk. They can see.LOL

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