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Also called Paul's Model Art (Germany), after Paul-Gunter Lang, who founded the company on May 1990. Minichamps makes high quality diecast models in China, for the Western markets in 1:6, 1:8, 1:18, 1:24, 1:43, 1:64 and 1:87 scales sizes. Along with cars and race cars, they also have offered military and farm equipment. As well as, motorbikes, buses, trucks, trailers, helmets, key rings and figurines. Special brand and individual racer series have also been offered.

Known Series

ADAC Collection
Alfa Romeo Glory Collection
Ayrton Senna Collection
Baby Luxury Car Logo Ads
Benetton Collection
Blackhawk Museum Collection
Bortz Auto Collection
Brabus Collection
Dreamstar Edition
Edition Centenaire Collection
Evolution Series Collection
First Class Collection
Hans Joachim Stuck Collection
Hassia Tour
Heinz-Harald Frentzen Collection
Johnny Herbert Collection
Lamborghini Museum Collection
Le Mans Collection
Linea Bianco
Linea Giallo
Linea Opaca
McLaren Collection
Michael Schumacher Collection
Minichamps 1/12 Cars
Minichamps 1/12 Motorbikes
Minichamps 1/12 Racing Cars
Minichamps 1/18 Cars
Minichamps 1/18 Motorbikes
Minichamps 1/18 Racing Cars
Minichamps 1/24 Cars
Minichamps 1/24 Motorbikes
Minichamps 1/24 Racing Cars
Minichamps 1/43 Cars
Minichamps 1/43 Racing Cars
Minichamps 1/64 Racing Cars
Minichamps 1/66 Racing Cars
Minichamps 1/6 Motorbikes
Minichamps 1/87 Cars
Minichamps 1/8 Racing Cars
Minichamps 64
Minichamps "Almost Real"
Minichamps Bond Collection
Minichamps Buses
Minichamps Farm Equipment
Minichamps Figurines
Minichamps Helmets
Minichamps Military
Minichamps Pull-Backs
Minichamps Trailers
Minichamps Trucks
Minichamps x Tarmac Works
Motorama Collection (American Dream...
Mullin Collection
Museum Series L.E.
Opel Car Collection
Political Leader Collection
Takuma Sato Collection
Top Gear Collection
Top Gear L.E.
Valentino Rossi Collection
World Champions Collection

One interesting page at their home web site is a listing of unauthorized models - illegally made by others!

Sourced references -

Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006), incorrectly listed as Micro Champs (sic)

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