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Every year we Hot Wheels collectors have donated to so many children’s centers and organizations that help children in many different ways. From the Ronald McDonald House to the Shriners Hospital to local organizations in our home towns. That is one of the greatest quality’s that we as a group have in common, we all give whatever and whenever we can.
Well, this year is no different. This year on May 18, 2007 I will be riding my bicycle 100 miles in one day (yes, I did say 100 miles on my skinny butt in one day!) in an event called “The Ride For Missing Children”.

Funds raised in “The Ride for Missing Children” support the poster distribution program and mission of the New York Branch of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC-NY/Mohawk Valley).
NCMEC-NY/Mohawk Valley distributes posters that aid in the search and recovery of missing children. You have seen these posters everywhere across the country.

Check out these statistic's:
From September 1995 through July 2004 , they have sent out over 3,526,000 posters of 826 missing children. In that time, 516 of these missing children have been “successfully recovered”. 516 out of 826, is that great or what????
Now you know why I am riding 100 miles on my bike!

I’m sure most of you have seen a guy named Larry Price and Cars For Kids
You may have seen his black `64 Impala Funny Car get a flame job the other day on Muscle Car TV. If you didn’t, click the links and check it out!
Well, Larry and I got to talking the other day and when I told him I was going to ride 100 miles on my bicycle he donated $500.00 for my ride.
The Mohawk Valley Corvette Club Inc. here in central New York has donated too. Man, what a great start!
Now here is how you guys and gals can help out. I have set up a special Pay-Pal account (something pretty much all of us Hot Wheels collectors have) so anyone can donate whatever you want to. You don’t have to donate big like Larry and the Corvette Club, just a few bucks, that’s all. $5 would be great. That’s what we spend for shipping every time we get something off an auction site anyway, ya know?

Anyway….. the Pay-Pal links are on my page here-> Mike Zarnock and The Ride For Missing Children
Remember, whatever you give is a tax deduction, and you will get a receipt from Pay-Pal for your taxes that will say what it's for and if you need, I can get a tax letter from the “Ride” folks.
Thanx in advance to all of you for your help! :thumbsup:
Mike Zarnock
Check out the website for The Ride For Missing Children
Check out Larry Price and Cars For Kids
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