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Based in New Zealand, Micro Models first began making diecast models in Goodwood, Australia during the 1950s. Operations would stop and start over time with new ownership each time.

Other locations
Perth - Watsonia (?) (plastic)
Christchurch, New Zealand 1970s to1980s

The first models made in the 1950s was of a series of commercial vehicles done in 1:72 scale.

Another series done around the same time was of automobiles in 1:43 scale. Many of these from both series were based on Australian vehicles of the time.

Known castings - WIP
(?) (Perth) - Watsonia (?) (plastic)
Commer Tanker and Petrol Pump (set)
VW Koombi (Sydney)
VW Beetle (Sydney)
Cresta (Australia)
Cresta (New Zealand)
Cresta (New Zealand) Torro Micro with windows
Holden Panel Van (New Zealand)
Vanguard Estate
Trailer (wood stack)
1956 Ford Customline
OHV V8 Ford light truck
Humber Snipe
Holden FJ
Inter(national) Panel Van
Jaguar Sports Mk 120
VW Beetle
Tow Truck - (NZ) Torro Micro with windows
Dump Truck - (NZ) Torro Micro
Morris Fire Engine- (NZ) Torry Micro

Sourced references -

Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

31,640 Posts
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I found a thread over at Planet Diecast that showed a few of the castings made by Micro. Lots of cool pics there too!

(Planet Diecast is a sister site to us under the Verticel Scope umbrella.)
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