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Michigan State Oval Champs This weekend

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Hobby Hub Raceway Lansing Michigan. Roll Call! Are you boy's from Classic out there? This means you EROCK and Adam
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Hey, does anyone know when races start on Saturday? I've heard like 3 different times (7 am, 8 am, and 9 am). Any info would be great.

Rusty Snyder
When was the race??

I just saw this thread today..

We had 30 stockers at Classic Saturday.
Some fast racing for sure. 6 people ran 53's.

Are you coming down to get any practice in before the ARCOR open? I will not be there on the 20th but will be back on the 27th.

Zubie, Ulbrink and myself are going to classic this weekend. Any setup tips for stock? You didnt miss much at the state race. Hanson kicked everyones butt. I finished third. See you at the Arcor race.

I sent you an email to this address, I hope its right, if not let me know
[email protected]
The e-mail is correct. I need a good rollout and spring starting point. Whats the runline length?
Hey I was out of town this weekend and just saw this. How did Classic treat you??
I think most people use 185' for their dyno runline.
You guys coming back this week for some more track time?
Turnout in stock should be good.

My kids 5th birthday this weekend. Will be there for the Nats.
I'll be there Ernie

You better have your A game ready!

Jam for the Frog Racing
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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